Automechanika Keyvisual
19 – 21 October 2020 Osaka, Japan Exhibition inquiry

Association's & business seminars

Free of charge / No pre-registration necessary

  • All sessions will be conducted in Japanese
  • Movies, photos, sound recordings are forbidden
  • Programme may alter

Information below as of 2019. The 2020 information will be announced by August 2020.

7 October

Speaker: Mineko Fujii


Venue:Hall 6 2F Meeting room F

  • Honorary lecturer of Japan Esthetic Association
  • Director and Producer of Lapiscuna
  • Director of Ilmia Academy Beauty School
  • Examination committee member of Japan Esthetic Testing Center

For professionals in beauty industry

8 October

Speaker: Mr. Hirotada Takahashi


Venue:Presentation room A

  • Japan Esthetic Organization
  • Presented by: Japan Esthetic Organization

For professionals in beauty industry

Speaker: Ms.Naoko Kobayashi/Ms.Toshie Hashiba


Venue:Presentation room A

Speaker: Ms.Naoko Kobayashi

  • Japan Esthetic Examination Center

Speaker: Toshie Hashiba

  • AEA Ambassador/ Certified Lecturer, La Plume OwnerJapan Esthetic Examination Center

Presented by: Japan Esthetic Examination Center

For professionals in beauty industry

9 October

Speaker: Ms. Masami Ikoma


Venue:Presentation room A


For professionals in beauty industry

Speaker: Mr.Sei Shinkai


Venue:Presentation room A

Marunouchi Soleil Law Office

For professionals in beauty, hair, nail industry